Hello and welcome to my online portfolio.

As a game designer and scriptwriter, I am deeply passionate about creating emotions via the medium of videogames. My objective is to bring a strong experience to the player via meaningful storytelling and creative gameplay mechanics.

I am also interested in many other artistic fields, such as cinema, comics from all around the world, literature, photography… these various sources of inspiration are tremendously useful in my creative work.

Various positions in the field of videogames, both on a personal or professional level, taught me different aspects of game creation, such as storytelling, game mechanics creation, artistic creation, people and schedule management.
I am interested in positions relating to game design, level design, script writing and project management.

This portfolio is still work in progress, so check for updates regularly!

Thanks for your attention, and feel free to drop me a line! 🙂


On this portfolio, you will get a peek on…

Games I worked on! img_pdf

img_pdf Published game-related articles!

Other non-game related works! img_pdf

professional seo reseller
img_pdf …and, obviously, all relevant info about me!

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